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3.3421 … again and again the individual case turns out to be unimportant, but the possibility of each individual case discloses something about the essence of the world… Wittgenstein, 1961, Tractatus logico-filosofico

this site is under reconstruction
the forthcoming new version will offer the whole information on Multipolis together with the archive of all available documentation

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Welcome on Multi-Polis web pages

Multi-Polis is a role-play addressed to professionals, students and anyone working in the social field as to all who might wish to experience what's behind themes as social, education, pedagogy, etc … through a self-experience of the differences inside the relation-of-care.

Multi-Polis origins from the need to open up new ways and possibilities for analysis, critics, disposability to what is other and what belongs to others.

As a translation of the holistic approach into a pragmatical experience, Multi-Polis helps and supports paths to awareness-raising concerning social, professionals and personal dynamics.

The logical framework is focused on the simple complexity of whatever comes and stands around methodological skills in giving/taking care.

Multi-Polis origins from many years of close contact with what is so-called "social", into an open perspective which open to the meanings of confrontation, relationship, chance to explore and say something on what is and belong-to the different points of view on what's individual, personal, political and policies…

The site has been structured around Multi-Polis, as it comes undone: an instruments, a role-play, an opportunity to explore and learn while having fun…

It also offers contents, articles, abstracts from the authors and from others who has been chosen for their relevance, interest, suggestion or just because they open up to possible further explorations.

In this website you can find :

- the tool MultiPolis, with all the instruction to use it and outputs of some working sessions

- who we are and our next challenge: the launch of TriKorasas, a multi-territorial-associated-team

- the projects we are working on and the past experiences

- our training offers

- our publications, abstracts and presentations

- the guest' book with the comments left by those who met us along the way

Except where differently specified, the works & contents of the site are registered to favour and support shareware and freedom of usage and diffusion as follow:

all materials referring to MultiPolis are registered under Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No derivative by-nc-nd 3.0

all articles, slides, publications and presentations are registered under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike by-sa 3.0

News on the site

All new materials and events are updated at the NEWS page:

Sentiamoci Amici: 3 days of sessions if group work dedicated to discussion of the experience of parenting deaf children

group-work outputs

  Open seminars in Trento & Rovereto: who is the individuals experiencing homelessness, how to offer them a care-work

Abstract (IT only)

  the “No” little theatre from the fear to say No to meet the other (20th Oct. 2012)

workshop_outputs day 1

what I see if I feel a date deep into our senses (1st Dec. 2012)

Workshop outputs soon in EN

opero ergo sum an introspection into the self dimensional rank (26th Jan. 2013)

Workshop outputs soon in EN

MultiPolis brochure is available in free download IT version EN version

Next on the site

the presentation of our projects on disability

other MultiPolis sessions outputs

  two new articles

- translation of abstracts and training materials

Work in progress